Metallurgical Solutions Inc is called upon by global Aerospace companies for material testing, product quality validation, manufacturing difficulties and defect analysis. We provide metallurgical support, unmatched in the industry, to Aerospace Primes and their supply chain partners. Tests provided on a routine basis include recast layer evaluation, braze joint analysis, heat treatment verification, alpha case and intergranular oxidation measurements. Our 16,000 square feet of testing space, depth of knowledge and experience with aerospace manufacturing processes enhances our ability to expedite results so our customers can move forward with additional manufacturing processes, shipping or product development validation.

We are here to team with our customers and view our efforts as an extension of their operation. Our engineers are available for consultation at a moment’s notice. We are keenly aware that results provided for components tested will end up on support equipment and transportation vehicles that we, our friends and family will utilize. That’s why we are diligent in providing the most accurate results possible.



MSI is dedicated to providing the highest level of response quality and customer care in the industry to our customers.

  • Unmatched standards for clear concise results
  • Offering the best value for money
  • Assurance of exceptional quality
  • Our expert metallurgists meet tight deadlines with unmatched quality.

Find out how MSI Labs’ extensive knowledge and experience in the industry can be your trusted and dependable partner.