Plant avoided a shut down by getting part analyzed quickly

MSI analyzed the part and had the plant up and running in 30 minutes

The Background:

An automotive manufacturer discovered they had a defective but repairable casting, which was promptly sent out for repair. The company knew that if their part did not come back in time, they were at risk of shutting down production.

The Business Problem:

When the part was repaired and returned, the plant manager needed a quick analysis to determine if the part was free from defects. Time was critical. Normally, it would take days, and maybe weeks to get certified analysis complete. They didn’t have time to waste. The Quality Engineer called Brian Joyce at Metallurgical Solutions, Inc. Because Brian had responded quickly in the past, he thought MSI might be able to help.

The Solution:

True to their reputation for concern for the customer, MSI reacted immediately. With an on-site visit that afternoon, the team from MSI took a section of the weld and evaluated it under a microscope to determine the weld repair was successful. Within 30 minutes the part was in production. MSI then prepared a letter certifying as of this date, there are no defects. It’s that kind of responsiveness and concern for the customer’s business that sets MSI apart from other metallurgical labs.

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