Comprehensive, competent and timely solutions for your metallurgical testing and failure analysis needs

Metallurgical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) is an accredited, independent testing laboratory that meets industry demands for comprehensive, competent and timely metallurgical testing and failure analysis solutions.

Since our founding in 2002, customers have relied on MSI for metal testing needs including:

    • Metal Chemical Analysis
    • Mechanical Property Testing
    • Metallography
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
    • Thermal Spray Testing
    • Metallurgical expert witness consulting and litigation support.

MSI Lab teams with its customers and is a valuable resource for companies looking for in-depth metallurgical analysis and testing support. We offer a wide range of testing from routine microstructures and microhardness surveys, to complex failure investigations, litigation support, and more.


MSI has established an excellent reputation in the industry leveraging our depth of knowledge and broad range of experience.


Working under the hands-on leadership of Dr. Brian Joyce, our president and CEO, our advanced accredited lab can meet tight deadlines with unmatched quality.


Our facility functions as a valuable resource for companies seeking in-depth metallurgical analysis and testing support.


Every ASTM standard and custom test we perform is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the industry category. Our quality performance standards require that lab results are precise, reliable, cost effective, and time sensitive. Whatever the circumstances, quality is top priority.


Our flexible services allow us to offer testing with rapid turnaround.  MSI engineers have both breadth and depth of knowledge in many production processes and alloy systems.  These characteristics and the tools available at MSI Lab compliment and enhance rapid response time in determining root causes of failure.


Metallurgical Solutions optical lab provides high quality “text book” imaging of microstructures, thermal spay layers, surface features (re-cast layers, decarburization, nitriding, and corrosion defects.

Our mechanical testing department provides tensile, yield, elongation, R-value, n-value, hardness, bend and impact properties.

  • Mechanical Testing
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • On Site Investigation
  • Microstructure Analysis
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Weld Inspection
  • Specimen Machining
  • Fracture Mode & Mechanism
  • Thermal Spray Testing

Let our expertise work for you

MSI serves major aerospace contractors, the paper industry, the automotive industry, insurance companies, attorneys, construction companies, component manufacturers, and metal processors such as heat treaters, coating and plating shops, welding shops, foundries, forging shops, extrusion plants and machine shops.


MSI serves companies nationally and internationally as a trusted, independent single source for metals testing, engineering consulting and failure analysis to the Pulp and Paper Industry.



MSI is called upon by global Aerospace companies for material testing, product quality validation, manufacturing difficulties and defect analysis.



Dr. Brian Joyce is a nationally and internationally trusted, independent consultant and expert witness in metal testing and failure analysis.


Discover the service and quality advantages of partnering with MSI


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